Foggatti DNA200

Drip Kit for Atmomixani Alpha RTA

The Foggin Sailor Brown Bess and Burnside

This Thursday on the Ideal Ohm Show!!

My Picks from 2015

Squonk² by Darwin Mods

Vlog - Sloth in dressing gown talks mince!

NarDA RDA - My #1 RDA for 2015

Best Shed Award

Vivid Starter Kit

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus

The Serpent RTA

Vlog 20151210

Madness RDA by Atmistique

ARIA Standard Mod

SnowWolf Mini 75W

Vlog pt2 - The Reaper Arrives

Vlog 20151204 - Must have a script!!!

Save Vaping in the UK

The Russian v3 RTA & Mod


Zz RTA by Holy Land Mods

The Robustoo 32650 Mech Mod

Vlog 20151119

Tube atomizer by Limelight

Vlog 20151112

The Vanguard by 3rd Degree

Vlog 20151107

Fight for your right to Vape in the UK!

AQUA FX by Footoon

GProv Squonker Mod

Vlog 20151029

The ALPHA RTA by Atmomixani

Kanger NEBOX

Forced Patinas by Corrosive Creations

Lush RDA by WOTOFO - 5 Minute Reviews!

Fountain V2 Squonker - 5 Minute Review

Vlog 20151022

The Gamma by Meka Mod


The Pylon Box by Limelight Mechanics

Vlog 20151215

Todd builds a mod - J-Box Renegade Kit from Varitube

Updates Mirage Evo Vortice MVapes squonker

eXpromizer v2 RTA

The Woodpecker by SaRuMods and Wes

Vlog 20151008

GEM RTA by Mark Bugs

OBS Crius RTA - 5 minute videos!

The Mustang JX by The Friday Morning

Dual SX Mod By Signature Tips

eNVy22 Stealth Mod

Vlog 20151001

Evolvr by Darwin Mods

Vlog 20150924 or Losing the plot on screen!!

DNA200 - Vaporshark & Hcigar Mods

Vlog 20150910

Vapecige VTBox DNA 200 V1 Battery Warning!

Budget Squonking - Terminator Squonker and Owl RDA

The Foggin Sailor - Custom Box Mods

Vlog 20150903

The Vortice RDA by Vaporshark

Tutorial - RDA Standard Dual Coil

Tutorial - Re Wrappping Batteries

PVA-40 by Pegasus Vapor Academy

Coil Master DIY Kit - New Version

Interview on Plumes of Hazard

Vlog 20150822

Sneak Peak - Vaporshark Flask and Vortice RDA

Quick Blether

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

Convert Freakshow mini to Bottom Feeder

Charity Raffle Results

Charity Raffle ending soon

The M-Vapes Dual 18650 Squonker Box Mod

The Punch Box V2 by True Mods

The Big German

OBS T-VCT Atomizer

The Templario Mod

The Bakero v2 by Ziggy Vape

The Avion by Apex BF Customs

Innokin Disrupter Mod

Aria Oros Stealth Mod Copper 18350

Vlog - Zero Vape Drama here!

Triton by Aspire

The Mirage RDA

Mutation X V4

The Sapor RDA by WOTOFO - The Lazy Directors Cut!


K.Loud+G by Boost Lab

IYI RDA by Vapor Skull Customs

Pocket Box by GProv

VT 40 box mod by Hcigar

Vlog 20150623

The HIT IT BX SX350 by Anatolian Mods

Tan Plus by Lost Vape

Esquare by Lost Vape

The KS RTA by Holy Land Mods

The AQUA SE by Footoon

Vlog 20150618



Vlog 20150612

The Slide by Kensi

Black Petri Mod by DotMod

Summer off!

Vector RDA

Vlog 20150603

M-Vapes Wooden Box Mod

The Phantom Mod

The ST-1 Mech Mod

Snow Wolf 200W Mod

Dicodes 2380

Vlog 20150528 - "Warning, incoherent rambling ahead"

The Burning Tab Master

The Nookie by VapeBreed​

Innokin Coolfire IV


Clear out!

Orion v2 - KAZE RDA - Vesuvius RDA

Vlog 20150521

The Minion by Tek DIVISION

The Velocity RDA

The Arcabuz Mod

The Mustang M1 by The Friday Morning

ICE CANDY I3 by The Friday Morning


Fright Train Mods Pipes

Innokin MVP3.0 PRO

Billet Box Auction

Vlog 20150507

Chalice III

SMY 60 VW Mod


Phoenix EVO by Vapewerx

Kiyomasa by Vaporskullcustoms

Vlog 20150430

The Harlequin

Magus de Simuran Titanium Mod

The Hurricane by E-Phoenix

Vlog 20150425

Cthulu RTA

The BOB mod by Todd

The KBox by Kangertech

M by aero

The Kuro Concepts Mod - It's not a review, honest!!!

Vlog 20150416

Odyssey 18650M Mechanical Mod

Kamry 100 & 200 VW Mods

SVB Mods

Squonk³ by Darwin Mods

vlog 20150409

The Richelieu RDA by VoluteModz

The Piccoloid by VapourArt

The Woody

Vlog 20150402

The Colibri Mod and Nectar Tank by AP

The Klone Mod by ASmodus

Aspire Vapemail - CF Maxx - Atlantis Mega - Atlantis v2

The Furcifier Mod

The KATO Mini

Vlog 20150327

eLeaf Waffle - Lemo Drop/iStick 50/Melo


The Cromod by Crovape

Foggatti DX Mod

Vlog 20150319

Castigador Box Mod

DESMO Delaniemod

The Fusion by Petar K

Vlog 20150314

The Freakshow Mini by WOTOFO

The Erlthron

Vlog 20150308

Vlog 20150225

Fakirs Troy 2X RDA

HCigar HB DNA40 Powered by Evolv