eNVy22 Stealth Mod


  1. Hi Mark😉 is it just me or have mechanical tube mods died? I think its an awful shame. Yes I use my subox mini with rba base most of the day for convince..not at sub ohm though I like a 1.4 coil..but for enjoying a vape I always use a mech and dripper when back home. And at lunch times. Etc.
    Why,in your experience,do people not seem to be using mechs anymore?
    I think they give a smoother nicer vape than any fancy box mod with regulation. Or it could just be me😉 peace mate😊

    1. Still a lot of people use them but they are not "fashionable" so they have as you say, dies a death.

      They'll come back round again, all fashions do LOL

  2. I love the design of the eNVy22, I've got one on the way to me in the post. Do you know if an Aspire Triton will fit in it? You said it will only fit a 22mm tank and that a 23mm one will not fit, but the Triton is listed as 22.5mm. I'm really hoping it will fit because I love that tank.
    Thanks, and please keep the reviews coming!


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