Vlog 20150903


  1. Hi Todd , Good to have you back on a regular basis mate .Just watching your Vlog , and after hearing the plug for The Vapour Lounge , googled it and saw that they sell Cashmere Millionares ( Paisley ) . It's funny, I recently was given an Origen Genesis V2 ( 4ml ) cracking atomiser by the way, by a friend , , and checked out your tutorial , the one where you forgot to press the record button on the build section :-) so I had a look around YouTube and found a review by a Finnish chap who's channel goes by the name of Vapetales From The Eastside , worth checking him out , he's straightforward , unfortunately he's only just started doing his reviews in English . When he finished building , he juiced up with some Cashmere Millionares Paisley and gave it a pretty high recommendation , and the bottle he had seemed to be much larger than the ones I found in stock on various UK sites . I just wondered if you had tried it and if so is it worth a go and if you were aware of any sites in the UK that stocked it in bottles larger than 30ml .

    Cheers Andy

    1. Tried it but not really my type of vape Andy, as for getting it in larger bottles, sorry but I really do not know :(

      Thanks for the kind words


  2. Great to have you back Todd, you seem a lot more relaxed after your break :-)
    By the way, there's no shame in admitting you watch Rip, love him or hate him we all watch him.


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