Vapecige VTBox DNA 200 V1 Battery Warning!

Apparently this is being fixed on the V2 but I thought this was important enough to warn those that may have the earlier version.


  1. Hobbie stores should be able to help you

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  3. Easy, same with remote control vehicles. Just chop the connectors buy a new set of deans connectors with male and female and resolder. Put the female on the battery and the male with the board. Li-po batteries are really dangerous if people are not carefull and do not know what you are doing. Just go to a hobby shop and ask if they could do it for you. Make sure you balance your batteries also if your li-po battery requires it.
    - Fattypack

    1. Customers should not have to do such things to a new device they just bought, not the least it would void the warranty. Obviously, this manufacturer has no clue about basic engineering as many problems have been pointed out by multiple reviewers!

  4. thats looks dangerous as feck and as todd has said if it shorts you will kill the board and then there is the problem of the battery venting i.e puffing up and even in some cases exploding in a ball of flames the first thing i would do beofre even switching it on is getting those deans replaced asap with one going the right way around

  5. It would be nice if you could log out of your facebook or mute your speakers. The notification sounds are in all your videos.


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