Fight for your right to Vape in the UK!

  • First off go to this page here and type in your post code, it will find all your local Politicians that can be contacted via email and automatically creates a standard email for you.

  • Now you are going to have to enter text detailing why you are contacting them and what your expectations are, the following should hopefully give you a good starting point, full credit goes to Clive Bates Blog

What to say

It is important that you write in your own words, based on your own experience and express your own views.  I must stress this – authenticity really matters.
A good letter to an MP or MEP might have the following main components:
  1. About you and your experience – eg. have you tried to quit smoking? What effect has vaping had on you? What experience have you had of e-cigarettes? What you think of the threshold e-liquids?
  2. Why you think what is proposed will be bad, especially if it is bad for you personally
  3. What you think should be done, and what you would like them personally to do
  4. Questions that make sure you get a response: ask questions, ask for a reply and/or ask for a meeting

  • This is the picture that was suggested as being a good handout for local vape shops.