The Mustang M1 by The Friday Morning


  1. The fact you "don't know" if you'd buy it and you have been praising it is very telling :P - you might be "tempted" but that's still not a "yes" :)

    The packaging is nice, the garnish has worked it's purpose, to detract from the fact it looks home made or at best a well thought out, 3d printed home made device from someone who knows their way around a 3d printer :)

    The 3d printed line's, that sticker, the sanding it's all a bit meh - if it didn't have the nice packaging and the friday morning battery tab and garnish and you just took the device for what it is would you "see" what everyone else is seeing?

    When all's said and done it's subjective - i agree, it's a good looking box.
    Objectively the yihi chip is a massive plus, 510 connector looks good, button looks good but, ouch that price, I can't pretend there aren't cheaper alternatives such as the yihi sx300 chipped hana clones for £35 that are very well made (exceptionally clean wiring/soldering/solid aluminium machined boxes which are flawless and don't have peeling stickers etc.

    Glad you reviewed it - its an interesting product for sure - i'd buy one if it were cheaper. ;)

    1. Removed your link Turk, discussions of clones and links to fastech I'm not cool with!

      Your opinions on the device, you see one thing and I see another but that's what makes the world go round ;)

    2. indeed it does - btw that device isn't a clone or sold as one, i just used the name as it best described its appearance, i should have used the word hana box looking just as I would have used the word hammond had it been in a hammond box :P

      btw you mentioned a few videos back where you got that squonker box was listed on your facebook(?) (the diy wooden one) I can't find the info anywhere - can you email it to me? or post it here please?

      Thanks n thanks for the videos.


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