The Velocity RDA


  1. Mark, I'm a longtime fan of you and your channel, but I think you made a mistake in this one. You said the tab that clicks into the cutout made it so "the whole thing spins as one", but if I'm not mistaken, that's exactly the opposite of what it does, it locks the deck onto the inner airflow chamber so that you could spin the outer ring ie adjust your airflow, while not affecting the rest of the atty. basically it lets you adjust airflow, while keeping the deck and your atty locked in place so the airflow doesn't move away from the coil ie it stays right in front of your coils. Just thought I should clarify that for anyone that might get the wrong idea. K, all the best Mark, keep making your awesome content. sincerely an enthusiastic fan, David

    1. It does what you say and it does what I said as well, believe me, Dino explained this one well to me and he'd kick my arse if I had got it wrong LOL

    2. What is your favorite RDA to date ?

    3. What ever one I'm vaping on at that moment in time ;)


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