Vlog 20151008


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  2. Hi todd,
    Thanks for you vlog, always intersting !

    About the ohm fluctuation of the skyfall, i put a small spring (part cut from a spring pen) under the tank nuts. And i put a small oring under the 510 pin of the atomizer. Now is perfect, good contact and stable resistivity. Nothing loosens.

    Focusecig will resolve the problem for the next batch (oring problem too ;)).

    Thanks again for your videos.

    PS: i posted here because i did not want disturb you with a email, hope i did not misstake ...

    1. Not a problem buddy, I emailed them today as well :)

  3. Hey Todd,
    I'm sorry to say mate, but your brea got in the way when you were mentioning the name of the reviewer in your vlog, (twice), could you send it on as well as his URL so that I could take a look and see what you were talking about.
    Thanks Mate,
    Joe M.
    My Vaping Place

  4. I'm in total agreement with you on the vest, and Han Solo.


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