Damn, seriously, who wants to know about me?

Started vaping with a little riva 510 battery and a carto at the beginning of 2012 and very quickly moved onto mechanical mods and rebuildables.

Can't remember why but recorded a little video of a 6ml glass tank I got and things just went on from there, next thing you know I'm getting a shed built in the garden and recording reviews!

I guess that should about cover it for an "About Me", don't want to bore you to death, you can watch the videos for that ;)

Take care


If you want to get in touch regarding anything then you can get me in the following places



Please do not contact me regarding what I think is the best buy, All my opinions are in the videos, outside the videos I am loath to get into "is this better, is that better", I get the same questions many times a day with people looking for advice on purchasing.

My tastes are going to be different to others but hand on heart, what you see and hear in the videos are my honest opinions and I can't really say more than that.

Sorry if this sounds like a cop out but if I didn't adopt this stance I would be spending all my days typing out email and Facebook replies :)