Kanger NEBOX


  1. Hey Todd!! I've been subscribed to you forever and this is the first time i'm writing. Hello from the states! My wife and I love you. About the NBOX....I wish it had a glass tank secion that was removable but the v2 will have that HAHAHA.. But I believe its pronounced ANY box. N. E. Box. I could be wrong but it seems to me anybox. Have a great day Mark!!!

    1. I should have just called it The BOB mod, that usually works ;)

      All the best to you and the missus


  2. Thank you sir! Not to sound like a what do you call it...panty hamster? But the fact that you replied has made my day. Also I would like to say my wife pre-ordered the provari radius for me and I got it this morning! Its amazing for me. I use the black kanger subtank mini with the original 1.2 ohm horizontal coils at 20 watts and I'm set for life. Alright I'll stop chatting like a schoolgirl thank you for everything you do and please don't stop


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