I can not squeeze reviews in or bump other reviews out so please bear this in mind when looking for a review

When sending anything on, I need to know the following so please include the info on a piece of paper in the parcel, the more information you give me the better the review can be.

  • §  Where to buy
    §  Pricing, is there a preorder, waiting times and so on.
    §  Materials used
    §  How was it made
    §  Any optional extras
    §  Where was it made (Which country)
    §  Any special features
    §  Any warranty given

    §  Anything specific you want mentioned in the review

Please bear in mind that everything in my review is just my opinion and if I find something I think is flawed I will point it out.  I will not edit or change my reviews to suit the supplier as the review is "my" experience of the device and not an advert.

Any customs fees incurred by myself must be paid in full before a review is done.

I do not charge for reviews* but once the product is received, it then becomes my property.

Reviews can take up to 10 weeks depending on my queue, if you want your product reviewed earlier then I *will charge a fee (contact me for details) but this in no way guarantees a favourable review, it just means your product shall be reviewed within ten days after I receive it. (I only do this twice a month).

IMPORTANT – I need to know if this is a prototype or a pre-release version, I will need to make this clear in the review and warn people that there may be changes in the final version.

NOTE: Once the product arrives, I will show it off in my FB group, this is not a review, it is a private group and I discuss my initial impressions, a full review will be conducted as described above and no judgement should be made until the final review has been published.

Take care


Address Details will be given once review has been agreed.