Sunday, 1 June 2014

The "Manhattan" By Ameravape Technologies

2.4ohm resistance - 0.06 drop
1.1ohm resistance - 0.18 drop
0.5ohm resistance - 0.26 drop

Well, looks like the company did not like my review, apparently the mod will vent past the button at 35psi and when the button is pushed, as shown in the video, the one I have for review does not vent when the button is pushed.  I feel it's a shame the company has reacted in this way but as always, I am only sharing my opinion.
Saturday 17:21
Hi, Todd from Todds Reviews here Got one of your mods to review but I'm curious as to why there is no venting in the mod! There are holes in the top of the switch but the air can not escape out the bottom of the button. It's a brass version I have here. If you could update me on this ASAP as I am recording a review just now on it. Take care Todd
15 minutes ago
Please check ur email. There is venting. This is how we engineered this mod. Oxygen causes micro arcing. The mod will vent at 35 psi or when the button is pressed.
Button still has no venting when the button is pressed!
This mod has been used in competitions for 1 year now and we have. Tested this mod to the limits of all batteries. We engineered this mod for a specific purpose. I would hate for this to turn into a legal action. Please remove this video. You are not an engineer and I am.
You don't know what I am but threatening me was a silly thing to do.
It's not a threat my attorneys will be in contact especially because you are threatening me. Have a nice day
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