First Look - The Curve by Darwin Mods

L1B3RTY BF RDA by NoName

Charity Raffle - Posh Squonkers & RDA's - Cats Protection

Innokin SCION II and the RTA deck.

The PocketBox by Innokin

Starplat Squonker by Abstract Mods

Vlog 20180218

WISMEC Luxotic BF Kit with Tobhino RDA 100W

TFX-S by TurnWood FX

The Jazz RDA by Van & Del Design

Charity Raffle - Crit Box V3s - ONE RDA - for the Dogs Trust.

Mod Showcase - FyneMods

The Fury by E-Phoenix


DOVPO VEE - 1.0v-8.0v Variable Voltage Box

Oumier VLS RDA

Charity Raffle - Quter by Visionary mods and Dead Rabbit 22 - For the Do...

The Mirage DNA75C by Lost Vape