Innokin Disrupter Mod


  1. Hi Mark:) Innokin used to make simple no noncence devices. I love my MVP 20w..its simple and works well. My old MVP, that I was given , still works perfectly and its a mk1! Do we really need changeable batteries when the MVP battery still works perfectly after so many years..I think my second hand MVP is about 3 years old..?
    Just my humble thoughts sir:)
    I had a funny furn the other day in my local B&M store and bought the Knox mini kit. £50+ 30ml of juice!! I think its a superb bit of kit IMO! The new subtank rba is excellent. Better than the original I think. I don't subohm and it works great for me:)
    I bought it due to the simplicity of the device and the option of changing out the battery.. As I have a few nice 18650s for my mech mods. It gives as smooth a vape as my MVPs and feels nice in hand than my Istick 30&50.
    Thanks for all your hard work and fantastic videos! Vape on ....Nick..:)

    1. Agree with you on the MVP Nick, solid bits of kit :)

      Thanks for the kind words.

      All the best



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