Vlog 20151215


  1. fanks 4 da shout out an dat, it waz well wickd

  2. The new Cthulhu V2 has a single coil deck and a dual coil deck. In single coil mode it is able to get a decent mouth to lung from it. It's a pretty cheap tank and is extremely easy to build on. Hope that helps your viewer :)

  3. The Lemo Drop works fine as a easy to build, mouth to lung RTA.

    Also, please continue to have tips and devices for beginners. You are one of the few reviewers whose videos are not just for the hobbyists.

  4. kayfun or kanger subtank rba with istick 40w.
    Todd this is addy tuney, offer still stands. contact me through youtube. thanks for the vids brother!

  5. To the guy who asked about a RTA, I still think a Kayfun is a great choice. It's super easy on build on and the flavor is great. I had to make one of these myself, but if your in the UK, look up a "kayfill". It allows you to rebuild your coil and fill the kayfun WITH juice in it.
    Again, great vlog Todd. What better life...doing videos for people, of a hobby you enjoy, and get to do it with your dog. :)


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