Vlog 20150521


  1. I can waffle too so here goes! The screwdriver in that coiler kit is sold in many places. I bought one in Maplin for a £1 its awful IMO! It was Rolson branded. Now onto mech mods..I love mechs a lot. I used mechs 100% until I found the MVP 20w and the kangertech sub mini(with rba) I run it at 1.4/5 ohms and 3.5v / 8.1watts..that what I like:)
    But for vaping pleasure it has to be my 4nine in 18350 (clone I'm sorry) with a single coil dripper. Mechs are,to me, like and old car..they have a personality almost! I think you'll know what I meen? Any how I don't buy clones anymore. I think you did a review of a mech mod but I can't find it. It was made in the UK but wasn't the screwdriver. Please could you tell me what it was..if indeed it was you who did the review.. I might have just dreamt it!! I want to give away all my clones and buy one simple 18650 mod that is 'real' I can afford about £100 at the most. But could mebie go a little bit more the right one:)
    Thanks for all your hard work and time you put into your channel.. Your a real star..huggs to TJ too:)....kind regards ..nick..

    1. Was it the Fortune Mods one Nick?

      I know what you mean about personality :D


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