DNA200 - Vaporshark & Hcigar Mods

Once again, I may not be a fan of this but in a way it is future proofing yourself, you can vape with all types of wire and for many this will be their perfect board, as always I am just sharing "my" opinion.

06:30 Buttons
09:37 Vaporshark
13:11 Hcigar
15:47 Summary 


  1. I think the DNA200 is good for vapers who want or need that ultimate degree of control, but it kinda reminds me of computer building when closed loop water cooling systems were introduced, I bought one, I had to download and use software to control all aspects of the computer's cooling system, after the initial novelty had worn off I realized it didn't actually perform any better than the old air cooled system it replaced. It just cost double the price.

  2. Please please please stop apologizing for not liking something. You're a human being, and more importantly, a reviewer ;) and you have opinions. You should be able to state them whenever you want. Tell the fanboys and internet bullies to shove off.

  3. Todd, I think you said exactly what I have been thinking as well. The software is nice because it's a new thing. Firmware upgradable...perfect. 200W? Ridiculous. I just don't understand the need for this Ultra low ohm stuff. I've vaped at low ohm's and really tried to get into it, but I think it just gets to fiddly and frankly doesn't give me anything I can't get from .5 - 1.2ohms. These lipo packs are dangerous, they are much more dangerous than an 18650. Has to do with how many amps they store and discharge. When they go off...they can take out more than just your mod. Fireball and grenade are much closer to the volatility of these packs.

    1. Legislators won't have to worry about putting out propaganda if people start to get hurt from these things. Make them safer, not more volatile. Let one person get hurt who happened to be an innocent bystander...it will end everything we're fighting for in one moment.


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