Vlog to finish the year!

Vapemail - Hcigar DNA250 - Mark Bugs Amulet - EVL - Hellixer

Vlog 20161217

Mech Rainbow Squonker by R.S.S Mods

Vapemail - The STEREO by Vikset Mods

Vlog 20161209

The Conqueror Mini by Wotofo

The Tender by Simuran 18650 Mech

The Squeezer by MMV

My Favs from 2016

Innokin Kroma and Pebble Kits

The Skyline RTA by ESG

Vlog 20161125

The DDP Typhon & One.

Vlog 20161119

The Shift BF by Boost Lab

The CoilMaster DIY Kit v3 & Giveaway

The O Atty by Odis Collection and Design

Quick Vlog 20161105

The Archon 150W Mod from Aspire

Vlog 20161027

The Chieftain 80W by Wotofo


Hadaly RDA by Psyclone Mods

The HCigar Inbox DNA75 Squonker

The Paradox DNA75 by Gprov


The Wisdohm RTA by White Owl Mods

Vlog 20161013

SQuonky by SunBox & StattQualm

World Mental Health Day.

Keras RTA by Atmizoo

AxBox SmartPulser 2S Woody

The Minimus by MMVapors

The Innokin SmartBox and iTaste EZ.TC

The asMODus Show - Hybrid Kodama, Minikin V2, Klohm, Triad

Vlog 20160923

The Freakshow v2

LBC 200 by Catfish Atty Mods

Therion BF Mod by Lost Vape

Vlog 20160914

The IAI v2 by VSC

Vlog 20160907 Warning major waffles ahead

The Charm RDA by Mark Bugs

The Hussar RTA

Vlog 20160901

Frost Box by Frost Box Industries

Tesla Stealth 40W

FreeMax Starre Pure

Vlog 20160824 and Hurricane Jnr

The Serpent Sub by Wotofo

Edea 200 By Yggdrasil Project

The Wanko 17

Vlog 20160817

The Gecko by Darwin Mods

The MOKOOO Squonkers

Vapedroid C1D2 DNA75

Vlog 20160811 and the Rose 3

HCigar VT75 Nano

Telsa Three Mod and Carrate 24 RTA

Sapor v2 25mm by Wotofo

Vapefest 2016

The [SHIFT] Atty by Boost Lab

Wotofo Troll & Serpent Mini 25mm editions

Limitless 200W Box Mod

Vlog 20160727 and the Gille Tank

A waffle - The asMODus Minikin Kodama Edition

Innokin Disrupter TC75 and AXIOM Tank

Movkin Squonk kit and the JC25-RDA

Vlog and Fakirs IDA Concept RDA

The Grasp Mod by GProv

The Stride VR-80 Mod

Wotofo Sapor RTA

Winner of the Crovape Mod and Atty

Therion DNA75 by Lost Vape


Vlog 20160713

Tesla Stealth Mini

RAFFLE - Crovape Mod and Atty - Worth £1000!

Vlog 20160706 and Kanger Pangu

Hotcig R150 Mod


The Bratus v3 Mod

Prima RDA by Titanide

The Coolfire IV TC 18650

Vlog 20160629 - Artery Nugget and Summa

KangerTech Dripbox 160

Vlog 20160625

The DEA by Art&Mod

CKS x Aria Kaze V2 RDA

Vaporesso Target Mini Starter Kit

Vlog 20160618 and Coppervape BF mod

Malström Squonker RDA by Lost vape

The Odd Box by GProv

Wotofo Troll v2 RDA

Vlog 20160612

A quick waffle and some fun!

Golden Box Mods SX350J 26650

Halcyon DNA200 Squonker by Lost Vape

Apparition Mods DNA200

Single Coil Deck for the SQuape X [dream]

Vlog 20160602

Vlog 20160602

Tesla Stealth Mod 100w

The Unity by Continental Mods

The Limitless RDTA

Endless Clean Mod and Hourglass RDA

Lost Vape Triade

Vlog 20160526

Aspire Nautilus X

Vapemail - Innokin 18650 - Coppervape BF - Tesla Stealth - Artery Summa

BY-ka v.6 RTA by Vape Systems

The Winton PRK (Portable Rebuild Kit)

MOVKIN Disguiser 150W

Vlog 20160519

Titanide Asteria Mod

The Maker RDA and other goodies from EZ Cloud Company

HCigar VT75

Cleito RTA System - Quick Look


Vlog 20160512

Person of the month feature...ME!

Vaper Expo 2016

Vapemail - Movkin Disguiser - HCigar DNA75

Knight v1 Mod by Smoant

Vlog 20160428

The Mushroom Mod Squonker

Innokin Coolfire 100TC and iSub V

Charity Raffle Results

Vlog 20160421

AQUA UX by Footoon

Shed Fever - The Q&A - FIN!

Bachelor RTA by EHPRO

Shed Fever - Day Four!

Serpent Mini by Wotofo

Shed Fever - Day Three!

SQuape X[dream] RTA by StattQualm

Shed Fever Day Two

Beyond Vape Centurion

My Mods - The Crit Box

Shed Fever - Day One!

Efusion DUO DNA200/133 by Lost Vape

Squeaky Vlog!

Vlog, VapeJam Waffle!

The Box Reborn by Limelight Mechanics

Wotofo Conqueror RTA

Laisimo L1 200W TC

The Kenzie Mod

Vlog 20160119

The Aspire Plato

Scopes Easter Charity Raffle!


Vlog 20160304

Comments Issues

Vlog 20160224 - To much Caffine!

Wotofo ICE RDA

Quick Vlog

clouds for children

Aria Orion EOS RDA

EFusion Mini DNA200 by Lost Vape

The ML Class by YIHI

Results for the MIND Raffle

Vlog 20160212

Vape Mail!

izi RTA by Boost Lab

The Vapor Giant v3

Charity Raffle for Cromod and Croatty - Money goes to Mental Health Charity

Vlog 20160204

HCigar vt133

The Shingen RDA

Testing of a Device.

Vlog 20160128

Innokin Cortex

MUTANK Sub Ohm Tank

Shed Fever - Final Edition!

Shed Fever - Day 5 - Temp Control Rant!

Innokin T18 and T22

Shed Fever - Day 4!

Shed Fever - Day 3!

CroAtty by Crovape

Arctic Dolphin ADT 210TC

Shed Fever - Day 2!

Shed Fever!!

Endless Mod Set including RDA

Q&A time!

It's Me!!!

Origen Tiny 16 BF RDA

Aeronaut RDA

Pistolete SS SX350J Mod

EVL Reaper RTA

vlog 20160107

German Petition - Plea for International Support

The Quick look Review Shop!!!