Final Video for the Year 2017

My Personal Collection of Mods for 2017

My personal collection of RTA's and RDA's for 2017

Nudge RDA by SMM and Wotofo

Bahamut Mech mod by Vulcan PHL & SilvisWorks PH

Vlog 20171216

The Skyline RTA Drop Kit from ESG

The Stabwood Fossil Box Mod

Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit

Quter by Visionary mods

Wasp Nano Resin RDA By Oumier

The BB Squonk - 20700

Quick Vlog for a Saturday afternoon

Quick Look - GBOX 200W Squonk Kit

Ares RTA by Innokin - Designed by Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis

AKIRA by Kaminari Mods - Beautiful Juma Squonker.

Charity Raffle Results - SQUONKING MADNESS

Saturday Live Vlog

Innokin PocketMod

Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter

New Mark Bugs Squonker - sneak peak at the prototype

Staby BF by Steampunk IOW

Nudge Box Squonker by WOTOFO

Live Vlog 20171124

Charity Raffle - Squonking Madness!

Sigelei Fuchai 213 - maybe 150 or maybe even 95W Squonker

GR1 by Northern Dreampipe Mods - My Precious!

Tanko RTA by Odis

Charity Raffle Results - Dani and Hussar RTA.

Quick Live Vlog!


iJoy Capo 100w Mod

DPRO 133 Kit by CoilART

Azeroth Squonker and DPro RDA Kit by CoilART

The KEY by E-Phoenix

El Thunder Mechanical Mod - more mech goodness from Russia

Live Vlog!

Live Review - SVBF Squonker

Live Review - San D Mods Squonker

Live Review - The Druga by Augvape

Charity Raffle - NarDA and Mech Squonker printed in the Shed!

Live Review! The Vermin by VSC

NarCA RDA by Nar Mods

Vape Expo Waffle.

Vlog - 20171026 - 3D Printing - Cars - Vape Bands and some Vape Talk!

Charity Raffle - Jac Vapour S17/S22 kits and liquid - for Dogs Trust.

Geekvape Athena BF Squonking Kit

Tankit by Steam Tuners

Live Vlog - Because I'm a lazy Sod!

How to make a Mech Squonker for under £30.

Dvarw DL RTA by KHW Mods

Charity Raffle - Elemental Mods Gallium and GOM Ultimate RDA

LETO RTA by Titanide

Vlog 20171013

The Gallium Squonker from Elemental Mods

SMArt ONE by SMart Mods

The Palm BF by MMV (Metal Madness Vapors)

Stentorian Basilisk 200W VW Box MOD

Vlog 20171005

First Impressions - The a S18 Squonker

VGOD Elite 200 Box Mod

Jigsaw drip tip by Vape Mods

Revolution Squad El Twister & Brit Pop Mech Mods

Jorda RDA from KHW Mods

Vlog - The Wandering Scotsman Returns!

The Kayfun Prime - a live look!

The EZ.WATT by Innokin

The IMEX by the Lazy Master

The v3 Biker Mod by ESmoke Designs

The AEREA by Neo Mods

Vlog 20170913

The Ultimate 1.1 by GOM

The RAM Squonker by Stentorian Vapor

Vlog 20170907

Corona v8 RTA by Steampipes

The Fossil Squonker by Wapari Mods

Fogworx Slider RTA

The H24 RDA by NoName and Avatar

Vlog 20170831 and quick look at Voopoo Alpha One

The AURA RDA by Digiflavour and DJLsb Vapes

The KEEL Stab Wood Squonker By KOMGE

Smoke no Smoke Summer Party

Vlog 20170824

Squonkers made wrong, VERY wrong by YiLoong.

The Smooth by Echo mods

Wotofo Flow Sub Tank


Vlog 20170816

Thermo RDA by Innokin

The Dead Rabbit RDA I Hell Vape I Designed by Heathen

SS Mesh wicking for RDTA's

Pico RTA V2

Diamond Squonker by Diamond Mods and Barracuda Coil


Innokin Kroma-A 75W Kits

Vlog 20170807 - Vapefest come down!

The KO Squonker from CSM

Nex II Pipe by MaBu


Scorpion Mod v3

Vlog 20170727


Sneak Peek - Vapedroid X1C2-S

Mellody Box Low Rider by Loud Cloud Mods

Vlog 20170720

The Flave RDA & Tank by Alliancetech Vapor

Stentorian AT-7 Box Mod

The NEO Squonker by 6IXTY 7EVEN Mods

Vlog 20170713

Asvape Michael VO200 Mod

asMODus Voluna RTA

asMODus Galatek RDA - It Squonks, almost!

Innokin Oceanus

Chalice IV by MarkBugs

Vlog 20170707

DIY Time - 510 conversion on my mech squonker

The HAKU RDA Cruiser and Phenom Editions

SQuape E[motion] by StattQualm

Tesla AIO and the Terminator & Antman

Vlog 20170126

C2D1 DNA250 by Vapedroid - Quick look

The Troll RTA by Wotofo

Vlog 20170119

Caiman v.4 RDA by Vape Systems

Shopping with Todd!

Vlog 20170112

The Serpent Alto by Wotofo

The Coolfire Mini by Innokin

Vlog 20170107

The Amulet by MarkBugs

Hcigar VT250