Stentorian AT-7 Box Mod

Should mention I found it in the UK for around £70.

Also this is a 100w device so whilst the max voltage is 4.2v, it is going to have to throttle that back on certain resistances, a 0.1 build should only be putting out 3.2v to hit that 100w.

Sorry I can not confirm these things but watch out for the techie review guys and their videos.

Here is the specification for reference:
Chip: American AT chipset
Dimensions: 90×74.5×30.5mm
Weight: 348g
Thread: 510 threaded connection
Color: black, white
Battery: Built-in 3500mAh Li-Po battery
Max Wattage: 100W
Output Voltage: 4.2V
Resistance range: 0.1~3.0 ohm
Charge: Micro USB charging

Short circuit protection
Overtime protection (Vaping within 10 seconds)
Over heating protection
Low voltage warning
Over out-put voltage protection
Over charging protection
Low resistance protection