The Fusion by Petar K

 Mod maker did not want this shown as I did not follow his coiling method but tough, at the end of the day I stand by this review and everything I have said :)

The mod makers own tutorials can be found here


  1. Recently found and subscribed to your YouTube channel. I quite enjoy your reviews thus far. I like that you review many mods and attys i haven't seen or heard of. Keep up the good work, cheers.

  2. where's the video then? :D

  3. Oh well, I can see why Petar wasn't pleased with your review. You really laid into the Fusion there! Such a negative review! :D

    Oh well, that's engineers for you. I guess his nit-picky nature is why he's able to produce such seemingly high quality kit. Bloody thing would drive me up the wall, mind you but it sounded like you liked it. ;)

    1. Yeah I was a bit hard on it...............LOL

  4. Your video quality blew me away almost as much as K's functional work of vaping art.

    I don't know what you are using brother but it was worth every penny, alot of ppl are going to be playing catch up now.

    Thx for sharing this, Cheers.

  5. As soon as I saw your video I was sold this thing is so unique and the watt it functions when set up can not be beat, so Im happy to be one of 150 who own one


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