Foggatti DX Mod


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  2. Lovin' the Foggatti DX 18650, great switch and locking ring, great 510 / battery auto adjustment system, clean simple lines - no fuss, the way I like the look of a mech mod. Great conductivity with the copper contacts and the throw of the switch is sort and precise - similar to, but a little harder press than the GP Paps. This has very quickly become one of my 2 daily rotation mech mods - the other being the GP Paps Lux.

  3. Hi Todd,

    Great review, I have been watching your channel for a while and actually bought a 18650 Foggatti DX on the 20th of March at 6:11am, about nine hours before you released this review! The mod arrived just one day after I bought it, great service.

    I totally agree with everything you say in this video, the build quality is outstanding and in my opinion, the machining is superior to anything I have previously seen on a mod, including the high end Pinoy mods in my collection. I am vaping the DX as I type this with a GP Customs Darang RDA on it, loaded with home made 90/10 Cookie and Irish cream juice. Looks the biz, hits like a train and just has a feel of very solid quality.

    Really glad I watched this review though because I did not even notice that there was a lock on the switch.
    I'm pretty sure it would have taken me years to find that...

    1. Glad you like it, I went and bought a switchblade by foggy to go with it, got to love his gear :)


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