Castigador Box Mod


  1. Grimmgreen did his review today as well for the Castigador Box Mod. He was told there would only be a 1000 of these made. They have no web site and have to deal with them though social networks. As Grim states,,,, because of this he is hoping for a clone as he says it's a revolutionary mechanical mod. So small and holds two batteries,,,, wonderful. I hope a clone does come cause I can't afford the $240 (American) for it. Love your review of this mod seeing that you've taken it apart. Always interesting to see the guts. Thanks again for your vid. Loving your vids here in the USA.

    1. I did state twice in the review there will only be a thousand made Ron, listed above are two sites where the device is available from, one being in the states.

      As for hoping for a clone, no comment from me on that.

      Glad you enjoy the reviews though and appreciate the feedback as always.



  2. Hi Todd, been a subscriber for a while, always like your review and wondering when are you going to review the Cromod. I'm waiting for your review before purchasing it. Thank you for all the effort put in to educate the masses.

  3. el castigador means, the enforcer.


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