Dos Equis Box Mod with Manta V2 RDA


  1. Vaperoo sells just the dos equis for 200.00 dollars without the manta v2 i got mine at tsv because i wanted the manta v2 just fyi guys great review todd as allways ..thanks

    1. I was only given the 2 links for the sellers mate, didn't know anyone else way selling it.

      Thanks for the heads up though :)

  2. Just to help, it's pronounced "dose-EH-kees", like the Mexican beer... :)

  3. Couldn't agree more TODD, when you said that they'd be sold in a package deal with the manta v2, the first thing that came to mind was, "oh, hell to that, why can't I just get the box mod alone?"
    Anyways, great review as always

    Sincerely, an enthusiastic fan, David


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