1. hi Toddy, just watched Vlog, entertaining as ever, the point you made about the taste of juices at certain ohm coils, wattage and volts etc? I make my own juices using a lot of concentrates from TJuice and make a VG/PG/AG mix at 80% 10% 10%, their Vamp Vape a nice lush flavour vaped at 1.8 ohm @ 3.8 volts? put the same mix into Aspire Atlantis on my IPV Mini at .8 ohm 4 volts Fucking shit!!!!! lol! never again!

    1. Thank god, was scared it was just me for a sec ;)

  2. Hei Todd! I don't usually comment on your videos, but i do enjoy them a lot! Just stopped by to tell you to check your mic setting.. there should be a switch with four modes. look up in the manual and set it to cardioid, and talk in the side of its head (where the Blue logo is). I'm telling you that, because I think you're using it in omnidirectional mode, and it's picking up all the background noise. Have a nice day!

    P.s. sorry if I misspelled something, but English is not my native language (I'm from Italy)

  3. Hi Todd. Watching the vlog and thought this would be interesting to you.I'm a dna 40 user and I just got the smok x-pure atomizer. Not sure if you've seen it. It came out well before dna 40 but seems like it was made for it. It has bottom air flow, ceramic deck, long thin air slots inside that are good for the longer coils needed for dna 40 builds and no post holes. In my experience post holes don't play well with nickel wire (tend to clip or not get a good connection). Wapping around the screw heads works better imo. Anyway just thought this atty would interest you. Cheers.

  4. Thanks Todd. Sorry about your technical problems but that it's to be expected with new equipment. I know that it's a lot of lost time for you. Glad to hear you talking about your "normal" vaping often people see reviewers showing all the latest high amp low ohm gear and think that is what they have to be doing. I love my Kayfuns at 1.3 and I look forward to the temp regulation but I'm not rushing to get one yet. Thanks again.


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