The Coil Master


  1. I love the idea of these devices mainly for people with physical limitations and for rebuildable beginners. Even though this product can be used by anyone for any reason i do believe the first group I mentioned is a mere afterthought in our society. It makes me happy to see devices to help them create a vape they are looking for. We have all been there and it is sometimes a long road but this helps anyone get down it a little easier. With a little understanding of battery safety/mod safety and ohms law people can find what they are looking for. I can understand the awkwardness of trying to show people a great product while not disrespecting the originator. I think you explained it very well and just gave your honest opinion. I know now a days, especially in vaping, things move rather fast. I would like to see more thought going into a great product that will serve you for years instead of revisions on top of revisions. The "original maker" could have gone the removable head route and it could have options for winding non contact coils as well. Overall though I am pleased that it helps people. Thank you and sorry for the slight rambling ha. Take care. :)

  2. Thanks very much for the review, Todd. I just discovered the existence of these devices and the Kuro, and I'm very tempted by the Coil Master for the main reason you talk about - much more affordable, with 5 heads for one price versus at most three whole sticks for a similar price on the Kuro.

    Personally I don't mind that the Coil Master looks/feels cheaper - frankly, given its utilatarian purpose and that they both do as good a job, I'd rather not be spending extra for unnecessary materials. But then I'm currently on a tight budget! When money is less of an issue I can sharing your view and preferring a 'chunkier' feel.

    Anyway, I had one question, something not covered by your review - you mentioned how the Coil Master lacks the "1" / "2" numbers, which on the Kuro helped you know where you were on the turn. But actually the numbers on the Kuro were more important than that; the Kuro has two holes, and the "1" hole was used for I think the higher gauges, 28 and above, and 2 was used for 26 and below. From what I've seen on other videos, you moved the hex nut from the 2 to the 1 hole, and that physically moved the screw head (the thing that touches the wire to bend it) slightly closer to the wire, appropriate for a smaller gauge wire.

    The Coil Master doesn't have that. Does that matter? Given that you said they both do just as good a job, and presumably you tested with various thicknesses of wire, it seems that it does not? And in fact that's another advantage of the Coil Master - you never need to move a screw (with the smaller downside that you get no visual indication of where you are in the turn.)

    If you see this comment and have a moment to confirm my suspicion, that the 1/2 holes on the Kuro are basically unnecessary, I'd be most grateful!

    Thanks again for all your great reviews.

  3. Oh, please ignore my previous comment - I just watched another video review and realised those two screw heads (1 and 2) are in fact there on the Coil Master, just not labelled. So my question does not apply. No need to respond - thanks again!


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