A Call to Dutch Vapers

The Dutch situation from Martijn Voncken regarding the early introduction of the TPD and more!

Starting from 1st February, 2015 the AMvB “Tijdelijk Warenbesluit e-sigaret” is coming into effect. Translated this is the “Temporary consumer goods-decision e-cigarettes” It is temporary because it will go out of effect when the TPD is implemented in the Netherlands.

An AMvB is a General Measure of Policy(Order in Council).  AMvB’s are meant for implementing the law, not for making new laws.  A ministry creates them without going through parliament. AMvB’s do have to be approved by the “Raad van State” (Council of state), in their evaluation they stated that there should be more focus on the benefits, instead of just focusing on the negatives, but they did approve the AMvB.

The AMvB restricts sales of e-cigarettes to protect consumer-safety, with many regulations taken directly from the TPD.

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