Astron RDA & Labyrinth Mod by Cosmic Innovations


  1. By the power of greyskull!!! Cylon slots!! I keep waiting for the red light to pop on and start oscillating when you say that :)

  2. Hey Mark,
    I have a rant, I hope you will excuse me.
    Every time you say "my opinion" I feel sorry for the idiots that need you to specify that.
    Great job with the cable tie and shoe lace.

  3. Hi there,

    Just wanted you to know. Poseidon RDA is 23mm device if you are looking for one. It's cheap, nice looking and notaclone. Gives a great flavor and very big clouds even though I'm not a cloudchaser.

    Another thing. Everybody is talking about safer vaping and stuff, DNA40 etc...You could have a head start to reviewing titanium wire(like this one:

    It works much better for flavorchasing (gives cleaner flavor) and it really works. Heats up quicker than kanthal or nichrome and it does not contains any possibly hazardous metals (chrome, nickel). It is also not as springy as everybody seem to thing. It also can be used with DNA40 if you half the heat limit(for example: Ni200-600F, for titanium 300F, same results)


  4. The "whats lying on the shed floor" build have me a giggle, I always like how humble you are in your reviews. Oh, and you might already know this, but the Astron also comes in a bottom feed version.

    1. BF EDITION...........................

      Waaahhhhhhh, gutted now :(


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