Vandal by Classic Mod


  1. I used to carry my Hades in my pocket when out and about, good mod, I agree it is on the big side, but it never bothered me and only ever pulled a few weird looks from people in a period of five months, I only stopped as it was stolen from me when I put it down on the counter to pay for diesel, I went to get cash out of my wallet and a hand came over my shoulder and snatched it, before I could react, he was already out the door, into a car and getting out of there. My Hade's was a clone, and now I have a copper cloned version which I have carved my own art work into the side with the grinders, sanders and the dremel! Love it just a much, buit I find myself using the Innokin VTR more and more (I've sanded that as well as it is copper plated under the chrome, but before the tin layer (obviously don't go to far if you or anybody else reading this information, the copper layer on the Innokin VTR is very thin, and you can kill it in a slight slip which I have done my self (and I am now waiting for myself to have the correct equipment to copper plated in my own garage and have it looking lush again (its surprisingly one of my favorite mods and I cant wait to sort it out, but unfortunately do not have the correct equipment to sort it out...greu rrr


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