Quick Look - ASPIRE Atlantis/CF MOD/CF SUB OHM

Quick update on this.

I have spoken to aspire and the switches are the same on the sub ohm mod and the CF Mod that takes the 18650 battery.  Got to say that I am very impressed by this and for those with a stack of 18650 batteries makes a better option than the Sub Ohm Mod.

I have also tried screwing the coil into the neck first, filling with juice then screwing the base on, this allowed me to get a little bit more juice in (thanks to Sufian for the tip).


  1. I look forward to trying this. Fortunately, our company deals directly with Aspire as they are located close to us, so imagine I'll gave my grubby mitts on one soon enough. I can tell you, in our shops, education and caveats will rule the day. Look forward to your full review! SlĂ inte!

    1. Wow....typos abound. I must be excited over this one. "So I imagine I'll have my grubby mitts..." is what I meant to type.

  2. OK it looks like the first time I posted it did not work. If I duplicate my post just delete one.

    Apparently people are complaining about the wick they are using stating that it has particles that cause throat/lung issues. Rip Trippers took one apart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWrm4tkB5iQ#t=805 and you can see the particle son his fingers.

    Have you heard anything about this? Could you ask Aspire whats up?


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