Vlog 20141023


  1. Dear Todd,
    Thanks for all the time and great reviews you share with the community!
    Can you please help us non native speakers of English to find "pdebi" on ECF, I tried some research without success.
    Thanks in advance, Hervé.

  2. More importantly: on the DNA mod, all internals and the caps were designed by my friend gdeal (search ECF for gdeal and/or Printed DNA30 Bottom Feeder). I just made the wooden body. A long term and loosely tied collaboration, that was.

  3. Hey Todd :) when you mention the sour berry ice red berry etc you say they are made by Hangsen did you perhaps get that wrong at all iv'e searched for that juice you mention and noting comes up for Hangsen, but Vapourized usa range http://vaporized.co.uk/shop/e-juice/e-liquid-sour-berry-ice/produces a result and they have sour berry ice / red berry would it be this juice that your on about ? ;)

  4. Nope, in short you can ask hangsen to make anything for you, relabel it with your brand and job done :D



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