NeoVapeTek Venturi RDA Atomiser Kit


  1. I see this design is very similar in concept to the cats rda as far as air flow. I do not know if you have ever used the cats but if you have how would you compare it to the venture? I own the cats and if the venturi performs the same or better I will have to buy. Thanks in advance for any information you might be able to provide.

  2. Hi,

    Never used the cats so can't really say Ernie.



  3. I have one set of Venturi , it's amazing atomizer :) I don't understand, why people have problems to adjust airflow, I made it at 15 sec. :D I put chimney, screw on cap, then I put on drip tip I want, liitle loose cap, adjust airflow good for me, keep drip tip and screw cap, that's all :D 15 seconds and works . fanstastic vape and flavour :) well , I get free other cap, can be used like normal dripper without chimney ;)


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