iTaste SVD2.0

Sorry forgot to show the black one!!

Additional negative, no 18500 tube extension.


  1. "scratch and sniff card" is genius!

  2. Hi Todd. Thank you for the great review and the feedback. I will speak with the team and we will update the user manual. Happy Halloween!

  3. I have 2 SVD's both not very old but both have loose 510 threads, one of them is so bad the iclear 30s goes right in and only catches the last couple of threads is it possible to get new 510 connectors for them ? both svd's had the scratch and sniff check and passed as genuine

  4. Todd have you had the same battery fitting issues that PBusardo mentions in his review?

    1. On the black one I did but it was a bit of dirt in the thread, cleaned it out and was fine.

  5. Great review, my friend! I still vape on my original SVD constantly. I'm definitely looking forward to the DNA20 on this one in order to use with a dripper or Atlantis. When the money is right, I will buy this with confidence because of your review. Thanks!


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