Exelixis mod by Mechano Mods


  1. Sorry if this post is duplicated but i submitted it last night and it didn't show...anyway..

    Bought this mod on the strength of your review Todd, and I'm glad i did as it's beautifully made and a real bargain.

    £80 for this is a steal!

    However...I received no spares so I suspect you got them due to being a reviewer (or an oversight with my shipment).
    I did order the hybrid connector and can say it's a quality item...and a bargain for £10 as per your review.

    I'm surprised that this retails for such a low price as the build quality is very high and what you get for your money is a very versatile mod.

    I concur with the connector "self adjustment"...but thats not an issue if you are experienced with mods.

    The piston like switch is a pleasure to use and doesn't auto fire.

    I'm super impressed with this mod for the money...i would expect it to be much more if compared with other hem's.


    P.S. When are you reviewing the MCR 101?
    P.P.S. Would love to see a review of the Mikro Challenger II...or III which i believe is in pre-produtction phase.


  2. Hi Steve,

    Glad you like it as much as I did, one of the stand out Mechs for the year for me :)

    The MCR 101, not this year anyway as fully booked!
    The Challenger, never going to happen ;)


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