eLeaf Lemo RTA


  1. The screw next to the fill screw is for adjusting a hybrid connection with the evic supreme

  2. No shows his great performance in the video, try to do a mircrocoil com a kayfun and mu put little cotton, screw that unscrews is the pole, and test it on an e mod, is a mod with battery 18350 is difficult to move this atomizer .... thanks.

  3. Some might drop out of the video the minute you say that the center pin is not adjustable, missing your correction in the end of the video. I would prefer to have the corrections in the start of the video, like you have done many times. Also, I love the fact that you don't try to hide that you sometimes get it wrong. It makes your reviews more honest, and it shows that some of the stuff out there is too complicated to use even for experienced vapers.

  4. You could also just get some tweezers, fire up the coil (after removing the cotton of course), and then compress it until your left with a perfectly fine contact coil, which will be evident when it starts heating up from the center of the coil outwards. That way, you can just hit the ground running (instead of having to throw out the stock coil installed and building your own), which should be especially helpful for newbies who have little to no experience rebuilding attys

  5. Just purchased my Drop a week ago and it works as advertised. The 510 connection/adjustable connection was my only issue. Any leaking I had from the inner firing pin/AF control was due to not tightening it completely down. To fix the 510 issue, I cut apart a premade coil bottom insulator, using the beveled end towards the inner chamber. This allowed the 510 to stick out as it should (IMO) and stay in place. Without it, the 510 just freely spun as it made connection with the spring loaded pin on my iPV 2 rev 2. Once removed, the pin had to be adjusted once again.

    Overall, it performs as advertised. I'm used to doing final clean up on clones beyond machine oil removal so taking it completely apart was not an issue. Completely disassembles with ease. Just don't be afraid to tighten down that inner pin/AF control post.

    kind of dated, still relevant = reason for post

    happy vaping

    1. Thanks for sharing, stuff like this always welcome )


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