The iTaste CLK! 1280


  1. Hi Todd, nice review again, i have just received the clk 128 for review but upon testing this device i have found a potential safety hazard with this device, this being posted this on their FB Page to see if they can respond and also i have used their contact form
    Hi, i am a reviewer on YouTube and have recently had for review a clk 128 kit and you have a potential safety issue with the battery!!! the specification of the minimum ohms it will fire states 1.2 ohms and this battery fires a 0.5ohm dual coil build. This says to me that if for any reason a short occurs it may not detect it and cause damage to the device and possible injury to the user. you can contact me further via my facebook or gmail
    Could you check your device please Todd

    1. Where you getting 0.5 from mate, Min resistance is 1.2.

  2. Yeah Todd i realise the min is 1.2 ohms but i do a range of tests with VV devices one of them tests is to fit a lower than specified coiled atty to the device to see if the pcb safety is working but this battery fires down to a 0.5 ohm coil build and possibly beyond (not prepared to go lower) and it should have faulted out for low ohms, shouldnt it?

  3. 1.2 is the recommend, yeah it'll go lower but best working it from the amp limit on the switch just using ohms law, you know the drill :)


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