Quick Look - The Gizmo


  1. I am fortunate to own this product and it is beautiful and effective. btw the threading is brass not aluminium. Also I would not recommend reducing the 'throw'. This has gone with me in my pocket for the past 3 weeks and it has never hinted at firing by itself (because of the reverse magnates and length of throw). This switch works beautifully with the 'throw' it has and is easy to use. Excellent product - and the naturevape tank is amazing.

    1. Reducing the throw is just a personal thing for me, nothing to do with the mod itself. Thanks for the correction on the threading :)

  2. The hole sizes are a big thumbs down. What were they thinking? It should fit 17mm and 22mm attys for the small and medium size. Quite obvious.

    If you want to reduce the throw I believe you need to extend the pin length not shave the post shorter.
    Just add a washer and it will extend the tip closer giving you a shorter throw. It will probably depend on the length of the screw if you can add one. Unless I am mistaken about the design of the switch.


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