Provari v3 (beta)


  1. Sure it feels well made and it is but I think it's because it is made out of Stainless Steel!? My version 2 weighs a ton. It stays at home. Are egos PWM? put one on the scope for me please :) Have a great vacation!

  2. good review Todd ~ in my mind you can't go wrong with a ProVari, period
    my daily use v2 has worked without fail for going on 4 years, matter of fact my only 'niggle' with one would be; it has keep me from having a need to buy other mods
    thanks for the effort you put forth and enjoy your time off!

    c ya soon


  3. one i got used to having up/down buttons on the SVD & Vamo V5 i couldn't imagine going back to all that single button pressing.. was hoping they'd change that on the new ProVari.. ah well.

  4. Thx for the great review,
    while this looks like a very well made mod, it also looks like it's the polar opposite of the K.I.S.S. method, was looking forward to adding one to my provari collection but I'll take a pass on this one.

    Cheers mate.

  5. Hi Todd,

    Not sure if they do the same for battery health status as The Eye, but with that one it measures the battery voltage without and under load. Then if the delta is too big, it means that your battery health is not so good...

  6. Hi Todd great review as always but it has really pushed home to me what I like in vaping. Call me an an old fart or whatever but I just want a tube or a box ( preferably a box ) that got plenty of Mah and a good quality switch. I got the DNA's ect..but I tend always to go back to the simplicity of a box and switch or my trusty MPV2 and usually leave it on the same setting. I do enjoy faffing about but that usually involves different coil builds and getting up in a morning and noticing the difference between 3.7 and 4.2 volts, I like the organic feel of that. I think I'm settled with my style of vaping now. I just want to find a good box mech mod in my price range that is simple and just works. I'd build one myself but because of my illness I haven't got the ability to do it. It's ironic that I used to be an electrician of a type that lived and breath ohms laws and had to build boxes into control circuits at the drop of a hat. Anyway enough of that ......the Provari...not for me, the menu system didn't seem complicated just more of a pain in the arse. They are well built but in that corner of the market you have to move fast. The kids get bored easily these days and quality is not always the biggest selling point.


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