ORIGEN Genesis V2 by Norbert

 Remember this is a prototype so there may be some changes with the final version


  1. Huge fun. To you.

    To me, as a sub ohm dripper prefering to vape below 0.2 Ohm things look different.
    Fairly different.

    This is a genesis atomizer. Always been fighting with dry hits. Nearly impossible to
    get a comfortable vape below 0.7 Ohm. Vaping that kind of resistance is a horror
    to me.

    So ... if you fill the size of this holes whith mesh itself filled with stainless steel wool, it might be possible to touch 0.4 Ohm without getting dry hits. Tasting infernal.

    That's the limit. And to proof this, size of airholes is limited to 2.5 mm. Well, this dripper is made for the main stream of vapers, escpecially for this and at this purpose something new to todays drppers.
    Congrats, Norbert.

  2. It's not a dripper, it's a genesis atomizer??

    Also I've been vaping it at 0.4 ohms with no issue at all!

  3. It's made for what you want to use it. You can wick any genesis with cotton and
    sure with silica if you like.

    But to me this kind of standing wicks prefer mesh. And a genesis is (to me)
    not necessarily a tank atomizer but working with @raidy´s mesh. That simple.
    So this is a genesis dripper.

    I'm glad you like it. But to some (cloud chasers), who are using drippers regularly this kind of atomizer doesn´ t work even at high voltage. It's a main stream dripper, some kind of comfortable genesis atomizer, exactly what Norbert intended, i guess.

    By the way, thanks a lot for your reviews.

  4. Any word on when this will be hitting the streets, Todd?

  5. No idea buddy but the vendors that had the origen dripper should be stocking it.

  6. Hey Todd.. Could you break down your dual cotton wick build. Curious to know what drill bit you wrap it with. Cheers


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