Easy PHI by Laik Mods

Please note, on this one this is more me showing something off than giving a full on review, this is something that I personally love so please don't take it as a fully independent review.


  1. Well its nice to see some more squonking gear coming out as I picked up a sunbox at vapefest cause I saw your pdib and wondered what the fuss was about and...wow! I just want to say a personal than you for harping on about squonkers because I love it, the flavour is simply amazing using a vicious ant cyclone and ill be getting an origen next.

  2. Yeah, once you squonk, there is no going back :D

  3. Hi Todd, I'm rather new to mechs and mods, just bought my first genuine Mephisto rda, and will be looking forward to your review for that. I don't know yet if I'll be a fan of drippers or tanks.
    Just wanted to know about the adapter portion for this squonker; it seems to be the weakest link for me in the decision process for using/buying this device; (I noticed you said in the review that you obtained yours from Norbert) is it a universal type adapter that can be used on most rdas, or do I need to contact the manufacturer of whatever dripper I'm using?

  4. I have three issues with mine. 1. with two coils = .4 ohms the button gets so hot you can't touch it. 2. It uses 5 ml. bottle. I can not find a replacement for it anywhere. I contacted Vapinart where I bought it, but they don't reply to emails it seems. I have found 3 ml and 6 ml, but no 5 ml. Not sure how to go about making my own, and I would rather not fuss with that.
    3. The spring for the battery is very low. It would not hold any battery until I carefully "uncoiled" it a bit.
    But I do love the box, the construction is good.


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