Vlog 20140725


  1. Any link to the GG drama on ukvapers? Would love to see hes public persona :P

  2. I absolutely LOVE your reviews Todd, and one of the key reasons I love them so much is BECAUSE of the shyt you talk (as you'd say). Please, never change. I think your reviews are the most informative and straight-shooting looks into gear that a vaper can get, and what more could anyone ask for. I'd like to wish you a wholeheartedly enthusiastic happy birthday (belated) and I hope that your year is filled with nothing but success, happiness, friends and family, new experiences, memorable events to treasure, and exceptional mods, attys, and juice. =]
    Thanks for everything you do Todd, you'll never know how many people you undeniably help improve their lives in a MAJOR way.
    Sincerely, an enthusiastic fan, David =]

  3. OK Todd, so you are finally forcing me to write here. Usually I would be to lazy to switch from YouTube to somewhere else just to write a comment. Lol

    But I can´t kepp back any longer. And I hope you know what it means for an Aussie (don´t let the name fool you, I´m a true blue Aussie) to go through so much bother just to write a comment to a Scotsman :-)

    First of all... Belated Happy Birthday Mate!

    And secondly... I just love your vids! Your sence of humor, your style, your attention to detail, your honesty and..... pssst, don´t tell anybody.... even your accent. Lol

    Please keep up the fantastic work Mate.

    Ingo (Dingo to my friends) ;-)

  4. Todd rocks as usual! :D

    Btw Neutron Mod... ehm... Neuron Mod from NeuroTech Mods :D :D :D

    Thank you very much!


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