Veritas RDA by IHybrid


  1. I bet it vapes better backwords, as in suck in through the adjustable airflow hole

  2. LMAO loved the video, the dog was just wanting to play lol. me and my wife watch all your videos and love them. Thank you for everything you do for the Vaping Community, it's much appreciated. Keep up he great work. Oh I hope this makes you smile, as Twisted420 says for them screwing with you #FuckAmervape This comment may be under my name but I am subbed to you as NCVaping and you are also one of the people that helped inspire me to start my own You Tube Channel.

  3. "You and me are going to have words"....that works about as well when I tell my wife the same :)

    Quick question. ..on other videos it shows to fill it through the air flow but couldn't you still do it from the tip?



  4. I've been filling mine from the drip tip and never had an issue myself!


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