The Mrs Lord & Co, Mod!

My mistake, contacts were copper!!


  1. Sometimes the choices modders make really leave me wondering what motivates them to go against what they must know most people in the vaping community refer. For instance why does anyone make 21 or 23 mm mods, when the resounding preference is 22? Why go with brass contacts when you know the performance will be dramatically improved if you just plated them in silver (and what would be even better would be totally silver contacts or copper plated in silver). Lastly, why not make the switch magnetic since that is the current trend...or at least provide the option for a magnetic switch. What I'm really liking, is this new style of switch I've begun seeing popping up here and there where the modders incorporate multiple magnets so that the action on the switch is even more balanced and constant across the switch, that way you don't have o hit it slap bang in the center to make a good connection. Anyways, that's just my two cents, I do think the inclusion of a reverse threaded locking ring and 20/1 threading were very good additions to the mod. What ever the final product ends up becoming, I wish them the best of luck and lots of success.

    Sincerely, an enthusiastic fan, David

  2. I prefer 23mm mods as i expromizer mad


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