Innokin itaste VF RDA


  1. I'm sorry if you said this in the review and I just missed it, but I only heard you comment on the amount of vapor; so I was curious about how well it performs in the flavor category...? Clearly, this is primarily focused on cloud chasing/vapor production, but you never know, sometimes devices have the best of both worlds and magically manage to achieve spectacular results in both ends of the spectrum like in the plumeveil, which I'm dying to get my hands on, based on all the glowing reviews I've seen. Just aesthetically, this device is a deal breaker for me, but I'm still curious about how it does in terms of flavor. Thanks always Todd, you're the best, enjoy your three weeks off, god knows if anyone has definitely earned a long overdo break, its you. I'll sorely miss your videos which have become habitual to my weekly rituals. sincerely an enthusiastic fan, David =]

  2. Hi David, Flavour is quite respectable on this, not the best I have come across but for the price there is no shame to it at all.

    Thanks for the kind words :)

    Take care



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