Immo+ RDA by Chief Vapers Pat


  1. I've owned a dodgy original Immortalizer for a bit over a year now. The darn thing worked like a champ when I first got it. It worked perfectly until I tightened the posts a little bit too much once. I wore out the ceramic, the ceramic got skewed and the positive post didn't made firm contact with the center pin so I constantly got shorts and my pin blackened where it met the positive post. Now I have the second best dripper ever and I can't use it because I don't know how I can replace the ceramic and the center pin. Oh, the screws holding the posts might need changing too. I also forgot to mention that a piece of regular wire can sometimes break off and remain inside where the screw goes and it's almost impossible to get it out. It's a top performer with a lot of parts that can obviously likely fail and need replacing. Sorry mate for the rant and I hope my experience offers a different perspective. Also, if you have any advice, links or anything, It'd be much appreciated. Cheers

  2. So you broke it, you over tighten in this game and it's fatal, done it many times myself with other devices so wouldn't consider it an issue with this atty.

    You not go on his facebook page and get new parts?


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