The VAPE Station by MSB Vapes


  1. You wanted to like it I could see, I felt the same because the builder obviously put some work in calculating the hole positions ect... I just think the surface area it would take up, the fact that Mods would wobble on it and it has a clunky rotation would put me off. it's the type of thing I would buy and then put in the loft quite quickly. But was your review and it was a good one. It was critically looked and and good and bad was pointed out. thanks for keeping your reviews that way and I wish the builder good luck in his venture. Perhaps he will come up with other things preferably with a better finish and action because Mod owning Vapists like their quality it seems. You only have to look at their shiney things (collections of gleaming metal pipes according to some)

  2. This is a great idea in concept; however it would be much more effective if the entire stand rotated as one piece.


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