Igo W7 RDA


  1. love the view of your country from your car,and just wan't to say that you are my favorite reviewer online,easily.
    I very much look forward to your reviews.It has become a part of my life that makes me happy,and most importantly,reminds me that being classy,well mannered is what this world needs more of.
    I know that life consumes a lot of our time,but please,keep-m-comin.

  2. Classy and well mannered, going to have to let my wife read this Bruce, somehow I think she will disagree :D

    Thanks for the comment, means a lot.


  3. Another good review I've just ordered my first RDA a Crown I said I'd never use an RDA but after watching your reviews I've buckled lol as for this RDA and for you personally not liking it's looks I have to disagree I think it's good a cool look to it and as you said very functional and as you often say this is your personal feelings and we cant/aren't all the same which is a great thing because this is what keeps the vaping world improving keeping the reviews coming wee man and I for one will keep watching and supporting you in any way I can. (y)

  4. Hi Todd, nice review as always, love your videos, in them i always feel that you talk to your friends who are your viewers, i like the "proximity" feelings of your tone.

    Just to add a suggestion, what if you sand a bit of the body part where the threads are, in theory, you could make the upper part that screws into the body part a locking mechanism for the airflow ring. I'm not sure my explianation is clear XD. If you could test this, that RDA coud be a real killer for the price

    Btw, cheers Todd, keep doing such a good job for the community !

    From France with love ^^

  5. I understand what you are saying, good idea :)

    Not sure if I will get time to try it though.

    All the best


    in Scotland :D


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