Erlkönigin Atomiser


  1. Hi Todd,

    Really good video. Top!
    You pronounced Erlkönigin almost correct. If it helps, the syllable 'Erl' is pronounced almost the same like 'air' in english. 'königin' was right. :)
    Btw. what liquids (juices) are on the shelf in the background? The labels indicate that they are tasty. Where to buy them?
    Regards and best wishes and keep up the real good work,

  2. Thanks Carsten :)

    You are looking at;

    Grants Vanilla Custard
    Scopes apple tart
    Scopes peach
    Digbys Mums Custard
    Mrs Lord & Co Druid
    Mrs Lord & Co Custard Cream
    Vaptasia Killer Custard
    Interstate Vape 24/7

    Think that's it :D

  3. Thanks very much. Now on to enjoy new flavours.... :)


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