Vlog 20140516


  1. Hi Todd

    Maybe that review will help you getting your Erlk├Ânigin running, give it a try.

  2. Thanks mate, Martin saves the day once again :D

  3. Hi Todd, i'm finding it a bit hard to control my excitement over that Ant mech mod, so perhaps you can help me calm myself down a bit by confirming that that mod does *not* have a locking mechanism? I couldn't find any confirmation on the holy land site and various blurbs about it.

  4. Thanks, now i can sleep :) still looks awesome though

  5. Hi Todd! Love watching your videos.

    What I am commenting on has nothing to do with this video so please forgive me but I wasnt able to find the one it was pertaining to on your website here.

    You did a review on the KAMRY K100 mechanical mod. Its been a while yes. However I wanted you to know that it does have ego threading. I used a Kanger ProTank mini 3 series which is ego threading. However, if you look at the mechanical mod itself the very top under the 3 air holes is a seam and I was wondering if maybe it came off for the purpose of the ego threading. I tried to remove with no luck but my grip may not be enough. It still vaped well with it on and fit down into the cap for the ego threads

    Anyway. Below is the video from youtube. And thank you very much for your time and work and brain power to put all these videos and such together. We appreciate it much!



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