Vlog 20140502


  1. The symbol on the little man box mod is for guanine, which is one of the nucleotides that make up the structure of DNA.

  2. You know what..? Two months ago I was Joe Bloggs, walking in off the street, looking to quit tobacco. Got my Evod starter pack, coupla liquids and away I went...big happy smile on the best nicotine high I'd had since tryin to quit. Thanks to (or all because of) your vids, here I am, with KGO mega and Aspire BDC, Nemmy (clone) with Smok RSST, DNA20 v2 with Aga-S and Roller with Aerotank. Still working on perfect setup for Kayfun (8.5w seems ok) and dripper (micro, nano, idontknow...) I thought this was s'posed to save me money..! Heyho, have a vape n take dog for a long walk, eh?


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